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Addr: Zhangjiawo Industrial Park of Xiqing Economic Development Zone Tianjin, China post number:300380
Tel: 86 022 87988825
Fax: 86 022 87983718
E-mail: peijingke@jilidapaper.com
Website: http://www./
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     Jinlida CO.Ltd of Tianjin was established in Oct 15th 2002,located in ZhangJiaWo industrial park of Xiqing economic development Zone.we are a professional company engaged in paper bag;it owned workers 163 people,administrator 37 people.
    Our owned a fully autonomic three colors made sack machine,printing &tubing machinery,a test metal machine,and a microwaredrying machine
    our productions including a various of specifications valve paper sack,the flat paper sack and so on are made of paper and compound material.products are applicable to food,feed,chemical products,cement,etc.At the same time,We handle various packing paper,attempt to the development of new packaging products.
    We have already passed ISO9001:2008 (Quality system certification) and “QS” certification (QS12-10202-00038)
    We are committing to reform, and down to earth style to make constant progress,impress technology reforming and quality management. We will take a brand-new feature tom provide satisfactory products and service for our customers .
    We will be accordance with the needs our customers to continue improving our processes of production. We would like to extensive cooperation with friends from all walks of life, co-write a new history.
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Addr:Zhangjiawo Industrial Park of Xiqing Economic Development Zone Tianjin, China post number:300380  Tel:86 022 87988825    
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