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Rain-triggered floods leave 10 dead in central China province
Time:2012-07-14    Source:sina    Views:2264

WUHAN, July 13 (Xinhua) -- Rain-triggered floods have killed 10 people and affected over 2.37 million others in central China's Hubei province, said provincial authorities on Friday.

From June 25 to Friday, continuous downpours have pounded Hubei, causing torrential floods, landslides and other serious geological disasters, according to the Hubei provincial civil affairs bureau.1111

Floodwaters have covered 199,000 hectares of farmland and collapsed 3,887 houses in Hubei.

The direct economic losses have been estimated to about 1 billion yuan(about 156.8 million U.S. dollars).

Local governments have relocated about 118,800 people.

The Hubei provincial government have sent six work teams to the disaster-hit regions with the relief goods, including food, quilts and clothes.

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Addr:Zhangjiawo Industrial Park of Xiqing Economic Development Zone Tianjin, China post number:300380  Tel:86 022 87988825    
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